Women Program

Despite the considerable improvements in the status of women in Jordan, more still needs to be done to increase women's empowerment and engagement in both local society and the labor market. Jordan has the highest female literacy rate in the Middle East of 97.4%. The majority of Jordanian women are both literate and highly educated, and differences in career expectations based on gender tend to stem from cultural practices, not the fact that women are not as meritorious as men.

Keys for Sustainable Development believes in the importance of opening economic opportunities for women and enabling them to participate and add value to their communities. This is sought through investing in their potential and capabilities. We strongly believe that every woman can achieve a lot and can excel and become distinguished in her community if she is given the right opportunity to participate and leave an impact.

Women Program Projects:

Al-Multaka Project - Women of Ebien Eblien (Ajloun Governorate)

The project aims to support, enable, and develop and the abilities of women of different ages in the governorate of Ajloun in the fields of business entrepreneurship through a group of services that we offer.

The project focuses on instilling the culture of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation while enabling women to plan new personal and career paths through which they can fully utilize their energies and potentials, be ready for engaging in the ever-changing job market, and find a sustainable source of income through the activation of the concept of social investment.

The idea of the project was to facilitate opportunities for small Women-owned businesses to establish and expand their projects through four main pillars:

    "Mn Baladi" Platform Project

    The story of "Mn Baladi" platform (which means "From My Country") emerged from the previous project and started from the passion for challenge and innovation of the women of Ajloun who are distinguished by manual skills and traditional craftsmanship in making creative, hand-made local products that embody the past in its best form, and derive its originality and distinction from the nature of Ajloun, its mountains and fertile lands, to present and market it to the World through one window.

    "Mn Baladi" Platform is an e-commerce portal for displaying, marketing and selling locally made women's products, providing the opportunity for small business owners to develop their home businesses and reach the local and global markets through the online store https://mnbaladi.com/ and the accompanying Mobile App. It includes food, health and cosmetic products and handicrafts made locally and using traditional methods, with high quality and reasonable prices that are fair to everyone.

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    In addition to marketing young talents by providing flexible job opportunities (remote work) according to market requirements in all sectors through organizational partnerships. It targets young women and men from 18 years of age and over, with priority given to groups facing challenges in searching for work, including disabled people, low-income people, orphans, and those living in the rural governorates.

    Supporting Partner: Mobaderoon, funded by The European Union