Sustainability Program

The World is witnessing an economic recession that led to the decrease of the income per capita and affected the social life of individuals and the future of youth.

In Keys, we strive to attract individuals and develop their work skills while investing in resources and transforming them into economic opportunities that have returns for both the individual and the community.

We try to achieve sustainable financial returns through the reinvestment in society and the efficient marketing of the programs by promoting programs among individuals and businesses under the concept of sustainable economic development.

Sustainability Program Projects:

Green Sheikh Sustainability Prize

A local competition that targets Jordanian youth of the ages 18-30. The prize supports a number of youth projects in the fields of technology, environment, and social and humanitarian work. It aims to spread awareness on the concept of social investment and achieve its goals through being highly responsive to the environmental and socioeconomic situation that young people face in Jordan.

The competition seeks to unleash youth potential through giving away a financial prize that would support their ideas and small projects in developing their communities towards better serving their families, governorates, and country.

Sheikh Dr. Abdelaziz bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, a regionally and internationally recognized figure, is an international ambassador for social responsibility and the second Arab ambassador for land and peace. He is a social leader, an influencing role-model and carries social and environmental responsibilities, striving to serve humanity, preserve nature, raise awareness on voluntary and humanitarian work aiming to revive and instill authentic human and social values.

Two themes were discussed:

  1. Winner of the first social theme (humanitarian/social): The Shagher Project (Vacancies).
  2. Winner of the second theme (environment): The Smart Nursery Project.

The Smart Nursery Project

A mini nursery in which medicinal and aromatic plants are grown using soilless cultivation techniques. These plants will be used to extract essential oils to be combined with cosmetics and to prepare spices.

Women working from home participate in this project and nurseries are distributed all over the governorates of Jordan. The project has an environmental and tourism importance because it supports the agriculture of endangered plants.

Project Idea by: Eng. Ala' Thalji Al-Saudi

An agricultural engineer in the field of water and environment and a graduate of the Hashemite University in 2017; Ala' worked in the field of soilless agriculture at the National Agricultural Research Center for a year and a half in cooperation with GIZ.