Keys Profile

Who Are We?

Keys for Sustainable Development was established in 2020 by Dr. Thabet Al-Nabulsi (former Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth in Jordan and founder of Challenge Team for leadership and Human Resource Development that operates in Jordan and the Arab countries).

Keys for Sustainable development is a non-profit NGO registered in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply in Jordan. Keys offers sustainable development solutions in the economic, health and education sectors.

It is also specialized in funding small enterprises and promoting social investment through introducing entrepreneurial and innovative projects.

Stemming from Keys' strong belief in the role of development and positive change in enhancing individuals' lives and contributing to social solidarity all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Keys strives to offer a wide spectrum of training courses and professional skills initiatives.

Our Mission

Investing in the capabilities of youth, elevating productivity, and improving the quality of life for individuals and communities through holding the keys to knowledge and creating opportunities to build and empower sustainable communities.

Our Vision

Embracing the concept of "Social Investment" in the region and transferring societies from a state of "consumption" to a state of "production" while achieving social solidarity through sustainable development.

Our Values

Our Philosophy

Keys for Sustainable Development has adopted a unique approach to develop the concept of "Social Investment" and to boost individuals' productivity and societies' economic and social sustainability. Our approach relies on knowledge, positive change and the lessons learnt from international experiences.

Keys for Sustainable development upholds the values of transparency, full accountability, work ethics, and financial integrity.