Keys adopted a unique philosophy to build the concept of social investment and enhance the individual and society’s productivity by relying on the social and cultural heritage and benefiting from the global experiences of other societies.
Our philosophy strengthens human values, such as respect, feelings of others, and taking responsibility through the following main pillars:

This component works by finding various and varied keys by promoting opportunities for e-learning programs, programming and training courses in the field of community leadership, creative thinking and innovation in addition to vocational and professional courses to develop, design and produce educational methods that enable investment in knowledge and prospecting the future And sustainable empowerment.

Is the real clear act to ensure that knowledge and society are linked to sustainability, so the keys to social investment depend to empower the individual and society economically by launching initiatives and contributing to the development of small and medium enterprises through various programs such as organizing and holding conferences and events, networking, employment and partnerships to create a solid joint work system to contribute to enabling Sustainable and a better life.

Keys in their work depend on youth human capital from both genders, investing their energies and employing their capabilities to make decisions in all areas of education, food, health, services, social giving and the environment in order to provide opportunities to enhance joint work between community groups to serve the family, youth, women, children, and people with special needs at the local level and refugees At the global level and motivating different companies and institutions to invest in human capital wealth.

Is the true indicator of the success, building and advancement of societies. Therefore, it adopted the keys to providing a positive environment through social investment projects, entering into contracts, accepting donations and grants, managing productive projects and coordinating with all relevant authorities locally and internationally, both official and unofficial, to achieve its goals in all fields to achieve sustainable development. A better life for peoples and future generations.