Our Initiatives

Ein Al-Shabab (Youth Eyes) Initiative

Keys for sustainable development provides an umbrella for youth and development issues through supporting youth ideas and targeting Jordanian youth all over the kingdom. Keys initiative Ein Al-Shabab (Youth Ideas) targets the age group of 18-30 and operates through selecting individuals who would become the voice of Jordanian youth and represent their ideas and ambitions. They take part in managing development programs and activities starting from the planning phases till implementation.

Ein Al-Shabab is a program that gathers groups of conscious and educated youth who help and support young people in their governorates. They are agents of change and sustainable development in their areas who support youth in transforming from consumption to production and achieve social cohesion allover the governorates of Jordan.

In Ein Al-Shabab initiative we exchange experiences locally and internationally, spread awareness on social investment for sustainability, develop communication skills, and train youth and refine their competencies.

Social Investment- Fursatona (Our Chance)

This initiative aims to attract the owners of small projects in Jordan through holding awareness workshops presented by specialized trainers (social investment trainers) from Ein Al-Shabab teams. Workshops address social investment concept, with its direct and indirect social return: creating job opportunities for youth, developing the private sector in many fields, and the financial return that guarantees the sustainability of development and the continuity of businesses through expanding the scope of work, developing the services offered and maximizing capital.

Here, there are no loans and no bank interests but a legal contract that guarantees the rights of parties. It depends on investing in youth unique and innovative ideas and sharing loss and profit.

All of this will encourage and support youth who will move the wheel of development with determination and confidence, so Allah blesses the sincere efforts and blesses our country and its people.

Social investment needs a social investor who provides financial contributions and acts as a partner in developing the existing projects or creating new ones through adopting pioneering ideas. A social investor helps our youth live with dignity and assist in improving national production in all fields. Even if a social investor contributes with a small amount of money, we can use it in developing some sort of a small project in governorates.

Results Achieved:

  1. Fursatona Ajloun: 20 beneficiaries in partnership with Naseej
  2. Fursatona Jerash: 15 beneficiaries in partnership with AL Ahli Holding Group (UAE)