Keys Events

Arab Conference for Social Impact Measurement and Management 2020

Keys for Sustainable development had the opportunity to participate in the First Arab Conference for Social Impact Measurement and Management, organized by the International Union for Social Responsibility (IUSR) and the Social Value Arabia, where Dr. Thabet Al-Nabulsi discussed social impact measurement and cultures of societies.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Building a system for social impact measurement through launching a specialized conference in the Arab region.
  2. Networking stakeholders in the field of measurement of social impact under a professional framework where they can also build partnerships.
  3. Contributing to building a scientific base for distinguished Arab content to be used and referred to by practitioners in the region.

Conference Themes:

  1. The impact of the Corona pandemic on measuring and managing the social impact of organizations.
  2. Sustainable development goals and social impact measurement.
  3. Challenges of social impact measurement in the field.

International Social Innovation Forum (ISIF)

Keys for Sustainable development had the opportunity to participate in the International Social Innovation Forum (ISIF), where Dr. Thabet Al Nabulsi discussed some feasible social innovation ideas.

Forum Objectives:

  1. Spreading the culture of social innovation on the local and the international levels and throughout the institutions of the third sector, the private sector, research centers, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs.
  2. Enabling social innovators to learn about implementation tools, modern approaches, and creative ideas in this field.
  3. Highlighting opportunities that help activate social innovation in all related sectors and showcasing successful innovators and experiences.
  4. Activating international partnerships on the regional level.
  5. Introducing best practices and solutions and providing opportunities for corporation on international and local levels.

Forum Themes:

  1. Innovative educational pragmas specialized in social innovation and role of the educational institutions.
  2. Systematic thinking approaches and emphasizing the role of the private sector in the innovation areas.
  3. Best initiatives in financing social innovation.
  4. Focusing on the Arab countries, enabling youth and women, the role of Islamic economy and the most eminent experiences.

Social Investment and its Impact on Youth and Society Workshop

Keys for Sustainable Development was invited by Arab Academy for Training and Development to promote the social investment and its impact on youth and society.

Social investment is all about adding new productive capacities to the existing productive assets through establishing new projects, expanding existing ones, or replacing or renewing expired projects, as well as purchasing securities issued to start new projects.

Social investment goals:

  1. Protecting money from the drop in its purchasing power as a result of inflation.
  2. Sustaining the development of financial wealth.
  3. Protecting income from taxes.

Volunteer Work Seminar

We were also invited by the Cross Culture Project Association to talk about the importance of volunteer work and its huge effect of society and human life.