Democracy and Governance Program

Despite the progress it has made, Jordan is still facing some challenges in democratic governance. Public participation in the decision-making process and the role of civil society institutions are still needs to be strengthened further, to effectively represent and advocate the interests of all Jordanian people.

We believe in the importance of strengthening democracy and the concepts of citizenship and political participation. Through our multiple partnerships we seek to build an active civil society where citizens' participation in decision making is increased.

Thus, we try to build capacities that enable individuals have a voice, seek their rights, and perform their duties so that they become change catalysts who build a balanced, fair, and effective society.

Democracy and Governance Program Projects:

Keys' First Virtual Sustainable Development Conference (Comparing Arab Youth Priorities)

A virtual conference under the slogan "Your Priorities are the Keys to Your Future". The conference addresses the priorities of Arab youth and involves a huge number of youth from all the governorates of Jordan and some Arab countries in discussions through visual communication technology.

The conference addresses Arab youth priorities based on a study conducted by Arab Youth Center that revealed that 73% of Arab youth consider security and safety a top priority, 70% focus on the importance of education, 62% on healthcare, 31% on sources of income, 31% on jobs and employment, while 7 to 17% on entertainment, technology, social matters, infrastructure and facilities, environment, and self-development.

Three questionnaires were given to young participants on Jordanian youth priorities within 3 main themes:

Income and job opportunities, environment, and youth participation in Jordan.